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Introducing the online version of our popular GB EZ Calendar software.

GB EZ was introduced in 2000 to replace a DOS version of our calendar ordering software. Since its inception, we have been planning an online version. It seems every time Microsoft would issue updates or new operating systems, we had compatibility issues. Transferring the database from one computer to another was not terribly difficult until Microsoft decided to block that file type from a simple copy and paste routine in Vista. It was always something.

GB EZ Online eliminates the two main problems we had with our CD version; that of installing GB EZ on your computer and transferring the database. GB EZ will now run from our website and your data will come from our computer. Since we are storing the data, we have also eliminated the whole backup routine for you as well.

Even if you have not used GB EZ in the past, you can use GB EZ Online to submit your calendar order. Regardless of how you submitted your order in the past – handwritten copy, a word processing document, or spreadsheet – we have transferred your data to GB EZ Online. Fill in the log in information and your data from last year will be available to you.

If you have used GB EZ in the past, our goal with GB EZ Online was to create a similar look and feel to the CD version. We have combined and consolidated some of the screens for a smoother transition, but you will notice the similarities right away. Whatever you submitted for your last order will be available to you as soon as you log into GB EZ Online. Be sure to check out What's Different About GB EZ Online.

And this is just the beginning. We have more improvements in the works for the coming months. Total online ordering, editing, and WYSIWYG viewing are all in the works for those of you interested in that experience. These will be announced as they are ready.

Most of all, we would love to hear your comments and suggestions for future improvements. Click on the Contact Us link to leave us a comment or to post a suggestion.

What's Different About GB EZ Online?

Other than the fact that there is no program to install from a CD and no database file to transfer, GB EZ Online will feel and function pretty much the same as the CD version. We have tried to retain the look and feel of the CD version to make the transition go smoothly. A few of the more subtle differences include:

  • We have renamed the Change Year module to Set Calendar Starting Month. This is now found only on the Navigation Bar.
  • We have eliminated the 28 character limit on listings. However, if you submit an unusually long listing it will be printed on two lines. We have found that the great majority of our listings fit on one line and it was not necessary to count characters or measure listing length.
  • Instead of hitting the F8 key for “Mr.& Mrs.”, it will automatically appear when you select Anniversary as the listing type. If you want “Mr.& Mrs.” to be used as part of the listing, click behind “Mrs.” and type the rest of the listing. If you do not want to use “Mr.& Mrs.”, just begin typing and the Mr.& Mrs. will disappear.
  • There is less clicking throughout. When you click “Save”, a new blank screen is ready for entry. As always, your data is saved as soon as you click “Save”. (Isn’t technology wonderful when it works?)
  • In the Listings module, a date will be highlighted on the calendar if there are listings on that date.
  • The Order Form contains the most changes. Instead of several screens to fill out, there are now tabs. Most tabs contain required information. If you have not filled out a required field and click Save, there will be a list in red type at the top of the screen listing the missing information.
  • More than one person can enter information into GB EZ Online, even at the same time!
  • The type of computer you are using does not matter with GB EZ Online. All that is required is a good Internet connection.
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